“Merging our systems knowledge and experience with your specific needs and requirements to produce a successful business solution”  

The Nortech logo depicts this concept in its imagery of two rivers merging into one. The unification of our strengths into a turnkey solution to your needs. For more than two decades we have collaborated with our clients in their unique business environments, to successfully exceed their expectations.

Nortech continues to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction, ease of use and manageability of our systems. 

Our clients include agencies from large and small county/city governments across the country.

The degree of automation also varies greatly from site to site. Some clients already have sophisticated computer systems in place and want to integrate our products with their existing systems. For other clients, our ReCo (Revenue Collection) cashiering system provides a low cost introduction to the world of automation available with small desktop personal computers. Nortech will work with you to provide cost efficient solutions for your specific business needs. We recognize that each client has a unique set of requirements and our revenue collection software is designed to handle most of your special features with a minimum of system modifications.

Custom software packages can be developed when required. They will be designed, tested and installed by our staff. Appropriate documentation and training will be included with any custom software project.

We are constantly evaluating the latest technological development in the rapidly changing world of personal computers and, where practical, we incorporate them in our software products. Recent expansion of image processing and electronic communications in the banking industry offer outstanding benefits for funds management at the local government level. We offer an integrated image processing and electronic deposit module with our ReCo (Revenue Collection) cashiering package.

Nortech brings much more to the table than computer software expertise. Our business analysts have accumulated valuable and diverse experience over the years. We will listen to you as we work together to address your issues. We have assisted clients to improve: office procedures, document design, theft prevention, auditing, hardware selection, ledger management, funds distribution and personnel training. We also manage any technical issues relating to interfaces between our products
and other systems.